Boots follow-up

I blame Thirty for passing on her shopaholic tendencies to me.  This quarter is quickly becoming a rather expensive one for me as I will be furnishing my first apartment, paying to maintain my own life for the first time ever, and updating my wardrobe.  As previously mentioned, I was on the hunt for new boots and have since purchased a pair of black high-heeled wonders and cognac flat beauties.  Now, now, calm down; birthday money and a cheque from the government funded my footwear.


I’ve yet the wear the Steve Madden cognac Nackk boots outside of the house; they feel like they need some more breaking in before I hit the streets, but I have worn the Vince Camuto boot, called Hasia, out, and I must say it is very comfortable!  The picture I found on the Bay‘s website does it no justice; it looks suede and fuzzy in the photo, but it really isn’t.  I’ve also recently purchased a quilted black bomber jacket and a warm knitted sweater that I have worn basically every day since I acquired it.


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