Finding what you’re good at…

We’ve all heard that expression “Do what you love” and the one that your work shouldn’t feel like work. Easier said than done, right?

do what you love

I’ve been struggling a lot with this lately.  I’ve become more aware of time, energy, and my happiness (and my husband’s).  I’ve been more aware of the importance of goal setting.  Which makes me think –  What do I really like to do? What passions me?  What would I love to do every day? Do I see myself doing what I’m currently doing for the rest of my life?  I’ve been teaching for 7 years.  It’s time for a change.

So what I’ve come up with after months of reflection and asking those who know me very well is that I’m an excellent planner.  It seems so natural and innate in me that I have glossed over this skill many times.  Sometimes it’s difficult to answer questions about yourself without seeing yourself from our outsider’s perspective.  It’s difficult to take a step back from yourself.

I love planning trips for my husband and myself.  I love planning our relatives and friends visits from abroad.  And parties – New Year’s Eve parties have become a tradition at our house until we decided spending Christmas in Mexico City and Acapulco may be a tad bit better than dealing with a Canadian winter.

I planned our wedding in Mexico while in Canada.  No, not your typical destination wedding, but a real Mexico City traditional Mexican wedding, and we brought 17 people with me from Canada (on two separate flights) and Norway.  I planned a week of tourist activities for my guests along with transportation, hotel, and food.  The ultimate compliment I heard was “This was a once in a life time experience”.  One day I should blog about our week long festivities.

I’m definitely a logistics person.  I know this has something to do with my personality too. I took a Myer’s-Briggs type assessment  once and the results showed that yes, indeed I am a planner.  So much so that if you give me an idea I’ve already see the end result and the different possible ways it could unravel.  Let me tell you, it’s a curse and a blessing.  Ask my husband, the dreamer.

This year I’m planning the following fun excursions:

a cottage weekend

2nd visit to NYC!

trip to Italy, Spain, and Austria

my Norwegian friends 1st visit to Canada

and I’ve been asked by a friend to plan her annual client appreciation conference. This will be mega cool.  Can’t wait to share more details about this here.

but the biggest thing I need to plan and sort is my life goals.  I think about this daily, but I haven’t put my thoughts on paper or onto a vision board.  It’s always more fun to plan a trip, a party or help someone is their problem, forever forgetting my own life needs some direction.  My discovery of the joy of pursuing planning whether it be logistics or event planning has set the wheels in motion. What’s the next step?






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