We are two sisters with a decade between us. The twenty something is beginning her post-university job search, while the thirty something is reevaluating her career.  One of us thinks she is funnier than the other, one of us thinks she is wiser than the other, but we’re both equally and completely awesome. We often feel like we are the same person and don’t notice the age difference; what we have noticed is that the gap between us lends itself to (entertaining) differences in perspectives, interests, and goals. Though we are from different generations, we share the same last name and have spent years sharing and comparing our views, tips, and stories on beauty, shopping, design, and travel.  This blog documents our separate journeys, minds’ fascinations, hearts’ desires, and ways we choose to occupy our time between daydreams. We aren’t afraid to serve the other a helping of sisterly sass, as well as offer sometimes unwarranted opinions as we share our sisterly  trials, tribulations, successes, failures, mistakes, quirks and adventures here for others to read. Lucky you.

We hope anyone with sisters or girl friends will understand, follow, and share in our candidness. Guys, we don’t expect you to understand much of what goes on here; in fact, if you are reading this you’ve already exceeded our expectations and are probably realizing that this isn’t your cup of tea.

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