Project Mermaid Hair

My favourite purchase of the year thus far has been my hair extensions.  I had mixed responses from my friends when I told them that I had ordered extensions, mostly because I already have lots of long hair; some people thought I was being silly, and other people were just as excited as I was to see the result.

I love love love them.  I brought the extensions into the salon with me so that my hair stylist would dye my hair to match the dark brown colour I had ordered.  Her and her assistant were both really impressed by the quality of the hair.  She dyed my hair to perfectly match the extensions, and she even trimmed them so that they appeared natural when attached.

I ordered from Luxy Hair (the photo above is from their website, and is not me.  Alas, I do not own my own diva fan for selfies).  I chose the 160 gram set in Dark Brown.  They’re ahh-mazing.  I don’t ever wear them to work (I don’t want them to smell of coffee, and I don’t want an elastic crease in them); but I do wear them to go out and what not.. so at least a couple times each week.  I’ve never had hair extensions, so I don’t know if there is a better brand out there but I must say that I am very happy and have only had compliments on my Luxies (which people can’t tell from my real hair).

If you’re toying with the idea of getting yourself some Mermaid hair, I say go for it!


Throwing a surprise baby shower

I love entertaining and throwing a good party especially when there is a clear theme. Today I threw my very first baby shower. It was a small co-ed affair. Even though it was small, I had forgotten how much planning and work goes into organizing something like this. It’s exhausting but so fulfilling.imageI always look for ideas and inspiration on Pinterest. I love to use the secret board option to keep my party planning a secret from my friends who use Pinterest and are likely the ones who attend my parties. Then begins the grocery and party necessities making list. Two days before the event I will begin preparing any food – usually the desserts. The night before I can boil eggs, prep some veggies, make any dips or sauces, plan and set the buffet table, hang decorations, and if time permits clean the house. The day of – you better stay out of my kitchen, I am on a mission and, thanks to my list making, things run smoothly.

Looking at the pictures it looks so easy and effortless, but anyone who has thrown a party knows it’s not.

I prepared:
tzatziki with radish, carrots, broccoli, red pepper for dipping
marinara sauce for meat balls
deviled eggs
cucumber and carrot cream cheese roll-ups
chocolate walnut dates squares
strawberry buttercream cupcakes

Bought or brought by another guest:
mini quiches
shrimp ring
Hungarian sausage
timbits and strawberries (I skewered them)
apple pie squares
blueberry pie

Baby shower cuteness included three paper games (word scramble, word search, fill-in-the-blank nursery rhymes) courtesy of Frugal Fanatic, a blind tasting of 6 types of baby food from jars involving the mom and dad to be vs. novice 14 month parents.

Throwing a surprise baby shower

Eye lash growing update

When I last left off in my eye lash growing adventure, I was planning on buying Latisse in Mexico over the Christmas holidays.  Turns out, Latisse isn’t cheaper over there.  Basically, Latisse is the rebranded version of Lumigan.


Lumigan is the actual eye drop medicine used for lowering high eye pressure. One of the side effects of using Lumigan was longer lashes.  Latisse ran with the idea, rebranded for just eye lash growth – so instead of putting the drops into yours to cure your high eye pressure, you paint the Latisse formula on your eye lashes like eyeliner.  The magic ingredient in this called 0.03% bimatoprost ophthalmic solution.

An opthamaologist friend of mine claims that the Latisse formula is restructured a bit to better suit eyelash growth.  She says Lumigan will cause your lashes to grow every which way, while Latisse makes them grow straight out like regular eye lashes.

I was able to get Lumigan while in Mexico and began using nightly when I was nearing about 10-15 eye lash extensions left.  I think it’s working.  I completely by passed the horrible post-extension stubby lashes.  When I put on mascara my lashes have never looked better.  Amazing.  Even my husband has noticed.

Lumigan experts at a dermotology office told me that your eye lashes go through a 16 week cycle, so it’s recommended to use eye lash growing products for at least 16 weeks (4 months) to see the effects.  Basically, your eye lashes try to regrow every 16 weeks, so after you’ve been feeding them eye lash growing products and the growth period kicks in you should start seeing major results.

I’ve only been doing this for 4 weeks and I’m already impressed.



Sisterly internet love

Dear sister,

I thought of you when I came across these internet goodies.  Enjoy!

I always knew your parties were a little different than my parties:  Twenty something party vs. Thirty something party

J.K Rowling regrets putting Ron and Hermione together


Skype + Victoria Beckham = fashion documentary?! Yes, please!

Uh-bsessed.  Best idea ever.  Perfume samples sent to you, you select the one you love, within 10 days you get a 100mL bottle.  Genius.

commodityperfumesmenGenius food idea.  Expensive, but probably worth it.  I think we need to order a box and test these babies out.  E would help us.



Your sister

Recipe sharing

Last week I took Twenty grocery shopping.  God knows the girl needs to eat.  I think she’s only been grocery shopping once since she moved in November.  How is she making food last so long?  I literally go twice a week.   In any case, I made a delicious meal today that was SUPER easy – and of course, I need to share with my sister.   I devoured:

Jamie Oliver’s Sweet Cherry Tomato & Sausage Bake

Super easy.  Literally throw things together into a pan and throw the pan into the oven.

I didn’t have the fresh herbs in stock, so I used dried versions.  I opted for turkey sausages instead of the pork. I threw in mushrooms and red pearl onions.  To add some greens to the meal, half way through the roasting time, I threw in green beans on a cookie sheet with parchment paper.  I can not wait for my husband to try this tonight for his dinner.

This can be eaten as a veggie and protein meal (two turkey sausages equal 4 oz of protein), or you can add sweet potatoes to add carbs.  Jamie recommends eating this meal with a crusty bread as it’ll soak up the tomato and oil mix from the bottom of the pan.  Trust me I dreamt of it, but ate my sweet potatoes.

Seriously, try it.  It’s the perfect food to warm up to during this bitterly cold weather.

Chez Moi

My roommate and I (mainly) are still working on making our apartment more attractive and fabulous.  I assembled and painted the Ikea “Tarva” dresser that I bought once upon a time, and it turned out absolutely marvellously.


I also put up some prints that I had bought years ago, and some that I had printed at staples not too recently; I’m very proud with my picture-hanging abilities.  The roommate and I bought a tapestry (from urban outfitters) to hang on a big blank wall in the living room and though some people think we’re weird for suddenly being Yankees, we think it looks pretty rad.


Next on my to-do list is fix up the bathroom, buy some plants/accessories for the living room, potentially a little plate DIY for the kitchen, and figure out what to hang in my bedroom.  Stay posted!

Live at Sound Academy..

I apologize for my absence from the interweb; I’m been making friends and have fun out in the real world, but I’m back!  My new year’s resolution is to have fun, so hopefully that means some interesting blog posts for whoever does read this.  I’ve bought a few concert tickets to guarantee that I do in fact have fun sporadically throughout 2014, and my first show was Jake Bugg (give him a listen if you don’t know him), with Albert Hammond Jr (listen) and The Skins (listen) as openers at Sound Academy in Toronto.  I went with my roommate, friend and friend’s boyfriend and we had a fantastic time!


We arrived in Toronto a couple of hours before the show, saw a line forming at the venue already at 6, but decided to go eat (timeless, magnificent, delicious) samosas, before driving back down to Sound Academy just in time for the doors to open.  The line was quite impressive, but we didn’t wait too long.  We secured standing space probably 1/5 of the way back from the stage, and it was perfect; by the time Jake, or even Albert Hammond Jr, started playing the entire venue was packed full.  I was really impressed by the turn out; honestly, the indie/alternative/rock fans warm my heart.

The Skins are really energetic and fun to see live, they also seem really cool and friendly; offering to take selfies at their merch table after their act was up. We didn’t want to lose our spots so we didn’t go.

Albert Hammond Jr had a cold, so his voice was super groggy; but man, I really want to see him headline a show! I’ve been listening to his solo stuff for years, and him and the band were soooo good last night.  One guitarist had super cool semi-long hair that he whipped around quite expertly; such a babe.

I cannot express how happy I am to have seen Jake Bugg live.  This guy is basically still a kid, but can confidently and smoothly entertain a crowd.  He was so appreciative to the crowd (which, as I mentioned before, was massive).  Having people crowd surfing, dancing on people’s shoulders, waving lighters, etc, to this young guy’s awesome show, singing/screaming back his brilliant lyrics and dancing to his music was thrilling. The highlight of the night was probably when he played Neil Young’s “My my, hey hey”,  To have a crowd that large, sing a song that was older than probably 90% of the audience, about rock and roll; man, it was so awesome!  Rock culture really does live on.

Basically, a great night of music and guitar skills, much beer, and too many laughs.

It was spectacular.