The 1975 live in Toronto

Twenty saw The 1975 in Toronto on May 6. After spending the day in Toronto, shopping and eating and whatnot, my twenty-something friend and I went to our hotel to drink a little and get silly enough to apply temporary tattoos before marching over to the show.

The crowd was absolutely awesome.  We stood at stage left, up front.  Thankfully everyone around us was singing and dancing and having as incredible of a time as we were.  After the first song or so, Matty spoke into the mic directing everyone to take two steps back because he could see people being crushed at the front of the stage.  We all waited a few moments before he spoke again: “Fuck it, do what you want.” Nobody moved. I guess nobody really minded being crushed when they knew they were in for an awesome show.

It was bloody brilliant.  Bought a tshirt, and rocked some fake tats like a boss; people actually asked what our knuckle tattoos (from Tattly) said, and my pal what was on her back.  It was hilariously fun.



Live at Sound Academy..

I apologize for my absence from the interweb; I’m been making friends and have fun out in the real world, but I’m back!  My new year’s resolution is to have fun, so hopefully that means some interesting blog posts for whoever does read this.  I’ve bought a few concert tickets to guarantee that I do in fact have fun sporadically throughout 2014, and my first show was Jake Bugg (give him a listen if you don’t know him), with Albert Hammond Jr (listen) and The Skins (listen) as openers at Sound Academy in Toronto.  I went with my roommate, friend and friend’s boyfriend and we had a fantastic time!


We arrived in Toronto a couple of hours before the show, saw a line forming at the venue already at 6, but decided to go eat (timeless, magnificent, delicious) samosas, before driving back down to Sound Academy just in time for the doors to open.  The line was quite impressive, but we didn’t wait too long.  We secured standing space probably 1/5 of the way back from the stage, and it was perfect; by the time Jake, or even Albert Hammond Jr, started playing the entire venue was packed full.  I was really impressed by the turn out; honestly, the indie/alternative/rock fans warm my heart.

The Skins are really energetic and fun to see live, they also seem really cool and friendly; offering to take selfies at their merch table after their act was up. We didn’t want to lose our spots so we didn’t go.

Albert Hammond Jr had a cold, so his voice was super groggy; but man, I really want to see him headline a show! I’ve been listening to his solo stuff for years, and him and the band were soooo good last night.  One guitarist had super cool semi-long hair that he whipped around quite expertly; such a babe.

I cannot express how happy I am to have seen Jake Bugg live.  This guy is basically still a kid, but can confidently and smoothly entertain a crowd.  He was so appreciative to the crowd (which, as I mentioned before, was massive).  Having people crowd surfing, dancing on people’s shoulders, waving lighters, etc, to this young guy’s awesome show, singing/screaming back his brilliant lyrics and dancing to his music was thrilling. The highlight of the night was probably when he played Neil Young’s “My my, hey hey”,  To have a crowd that large, sing a song that was older than probably 90% of the audience, about rock and roll; man, it was so awesome!  Rock culture really does live on.

Basically, a great night of music and guitar skills, much beer, and too many laughs.

It was spectacular.