Fitness: Twenty’s way

Let me start by saying that I am very impressed by and proud of Thirty’s discipline; I truly wish I could be as healthy and clean of an eater as she is..  Not to say that I’m completely terrible when it comes to eating.  I find that I eat much better when I am regularly (or semi-regularly) exercising, so I’ve been trying to get back into working out as of late.

I do not have a gym membership, so my workouts take place in my living room.  I love Tracy Anderson because her clients have amazing bodies, and, although people are quick to call her ways crazy and dumb, I do think she knows what she’s doing.  Sure, the workouts are a little boring.. but all I need to do is look at pictures of Gwyneth Paltrow, or Shakira or someone and my motivation is renewed.  Some of the moves/exercises seem wacky, but the soreness I experience is the same sort of muscle pain I recall from when I took ballet classes.  Tracy targets your individual muscles and muscle groups by her inventive movements in order to get the results I would have gotten from weeks/months of repeated ballet exercises that didn’t specifically target those muscles.  It’s like she’s taking the “dance” out of ballet and just messing with the muscles you want to work for a dancer’s body.


I know people say she’s not a real trainer, and that her meal plans and exercises aren’t legitimate; but I think she knows what she’s doing when it comes to body transformations.

Another favourite of mine is Jillian Michaels.  Lately, I’ve been doing the 3o Day Shred (though, not daily).  You don’t need a lot of space to do this workout video, and honestly I feel brutal after doing it.  I’m generally a sweaty exerciser, and Jillian makes me s-w-e-a-t.  I did the 30 Day Shred probably 2 years ago, straight through for 30 days and had awesome results, so I know it works for me.  A bonus is that it’s only 20-30 minutes, and I don’t get bored with it because Jillian really pushes you; unlike Tracy Anderson’s Metamorphosis that has 30 minutes of exercises with another hour or so of cardio, and you’re sort of on your own for most of it.