Flamenco Love

Just over 10 years ago I took Flamenco dancing lessons while studying abroad in Granada, Spain.  I still have my Flamenco shoes in my closet eternally waiting for Flamenco lessons to become available in London, ON, Canada.  It’s been a long wait that continues.  Last night I was able to attend a Flamenco show put on my 4 musicians and dancers who study Flamenco in Sevilla, Spain.  This was my husband’s first time seeing such a spectacle and a great prelude to what he’ll see when we go back to visit Granada in August.   The event was very small; I counted a maximum 50 people.  It was a powerful and intimate performance.  At intermission my husband turned to me with “What do you think?” and I must admit it was great, but after living in Granada (the birthplace of Flamenco) and seeing real gypsies and Flamenco artists perform with the Alhambra in the background – I’ve been pretty spoiled.  Last night I was reminded of my love for Flamenco and the got the push to start planning my August vacation to Italy, Spain, and Austria.



This women was the tallest and most blonde Flamenco dance I have ever see.  It was impossible to take in her movement with my glance.



I could not stop staring at the guitarists shoes.  They were black healed Flamenco shoes.  Like this:


They were perfectly worn in, scuffed, and reinforced and looked like they had been dance through and stomped millions of nights.  I may need to investigate this more.


Confession time

I drink coffee.

I have a confession to make.  This will surprise everyone who knows me.  I have begun to drink coffee, and I enjoy it.  I have loved the smell of coffee, but I have been an avid tea drinker my whole life.  I can not not start my day without the biggest mug available of Orange Pekoe with stevia and a slice of lemon.  Throughout my day I drink green tea, and at night I have an herbal tea.   My current night time obsession is Celestial Seasonings Apple Spice tea.  I love it because if I add stevia to it it tastes like a dessert and curbs my sweet tooth after dinner.

When I lived in Spain for a year, café con leche was a regular part of my day.  It’s equal parts bold coffee and scalding milk. Sometimes I would even drink two or three in one sitting.  In retrospect, the whole milk was likely the cause of my digestive problems back then, but I didn’t even know that lactose intolerance could exist.  You live; you learn.

Black coffee is completely lost on me.  However, adding some milk and sugar to it, and  I can understand what the whole fuss is about, but I honestly just never cared to pursue that since I have realized that milk is not my friend.

About two weeks ago, I realized that with my husband’s espresso machine I could probably replicate a café con leche.  Using almond coconut milk, espresso, and stevia I was able to make a coffee drink I actually enjoyed.  I choose to drink it with almond coconut milk because I seem to have an intolerance to milk, and it has 12g of sugar per cup.  Almond milk on its own with coffee isn’t really good, but Almond Breeze sells a combo of almond and coconut.  On the other hand, coconut milk with coffee is amazing.  So I have had this creation of mine once every few days, and I have noticed that I feel its affects within 20 minutes.  My mind is clearer, and I might be in a better mood.  I’ve tried to get the same drink made at Starbucks, but they don’t have almond or coconut milk so I opt for soy milk which I’m not a fan of for health reasons, but it tastes ok.  It’s called a café misto or ½ Americano and ½ milk.  My husband thinks it tastes like cardboard. I agree. The home version is better.

Now I wonder – do the effects of coffee remain the same if you have one coffee a day.  I don’t want to build a tolerance to it; I’d rather drink it when I need a pick-me-up.

Today’s mistake was sleeping in and then drinking a coffee a 4pm.  It’s almost one a.m, and I’m not tired.