The 1975 live in Toronto

Twenty saw The 1975 in Toronto on May 6. After spending the day in Toronto, shopping and eating and whatnot, my twenty-something friend and I went to our hotel to drink a little and get silly enough to apply temporary tattoos before marching over to the show.

The crowd was absolutely awesome.  We stood at stage left, up front.  Thankfully everyone around us was singing and dancing and having as incredible of a time as we were.  After the first song or so, Matty spoke into the mic directing everyone to take two steps back because he could see people being crushed at the front of the stage.  We all waited a few moments before he spoke again: “Fuck it, do what you want.” Nobody moved. I guess nobody really minded being crushed when they knew they were in for an awesome show.

It was bloody brilliant.  Bought a tshirt, and rocked some fake tats like a boss; people actually asked what our knuckle tattoos (from Tattly) said, and my pal what was on her back.  It was hilariously fun.